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Naturally ecological

We base our production on innovative technologies and natural recyclable materials, creating products that respect people’s health and don’t pollute the environment. Our target is to offer natural furniture, ergonomic and functional. We only process FSC certified cardboard, that guarantees forests’ sustainable exploitation. Our products are made of 30% recycled and 100% recyclable material. Compared to traditional wooden furniture, cardboard furniture requires 80% less cellulose and 80% less electricity for production. We produce zero formaldehyde emissions and extremely low amount of chemical agents used. 

New Solutions

We constantly research materials and processes to deliver real answers to your needs. Mixing materials, technologies and design we create functional solutions with a striking visual impact.

Easy & fast installation

One of the distinguishing features of our structures is the installation simplicity. All of our products is assembled through interlocking joints without any tool needed.

The simplicity of our systems makes it possible for untrained people to carry out the installation easily and in a short amount of time. During the installation phase modifications such as cuttings and holes can be made effortlessly.

Transport, installation and possible disassembling will be easy and effortless.



We create coating structures for vending machines, tailor-made and eye-catching. Simple solutions, functional and ecological that will give a warm, healthy look at your coffee area, where to spend your break in complete relax. We offer a wide range of solutions, standard and custom made, to satisfy every technical and graphical request. The front panels are ideal communicative and promotional tools where you can put logos and pictures, and if needed can be easily replaced.

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Garbage sorting, with those anti-aesthetic bins, now it’s not chaotic anymore. Our waste management solutions solve both problems of aesthetics and space. Our custom recycling bins and stations are extremely compact, and can be merged in a coating structure as well. They feature a graphic continuity with the coating structure, making them the perfect pair for your project. Surfaces are stain proof and can be wiped with a wet cloth. You can choose from a wide range of standard graphics or send us your own. You can choose the different recyclable wastes according to your council’s dispositions. 

Hospitality industry & Office Coffee Service

Nardi offers a range of ecological furniture for the Office Coffee Service and the Hotels, Accommodation and Food Service industry; many smart solutions will allow you to choose doors, drawers or trash modules to add to your project. You can customize shape and size, creating an ideal solution for every environment. Many different machines can fit, like coffee machines, water dispensers, microwaves, ovens, etc.



Simple lines and rational volumes give life to innovative, original, eye-catching shapes, without mining functionality. To express creativity in order to stand out, showing your green philosophy, is something that a growing number of companies are doing. Nardi designs highly ecological furniture, made of recycled material and 100% recyclable: 80% less of raw material and electricity are used compared to traditional furniture.

Let yourself be inspired

Ideas have no boundaries… have a look at some of our projects and let yourself be inspired.


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