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Trust in ecological furnishing experts

A team of professionals will be able to advise you on the best ecological office furniture solutions

Scrivania in cartone con inserti in lichene naturale

Buy ecodesign furniture online

Desks, chairs, bookcases and other cardboard office furniture that can be purchased online in a few clicks

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Give your office a "green" twist

Choose the ecological furniture for your office, we'll take care of everything

Cardboard office furniture

If a company claims to be attentive to sustainability, the least it can do to be consistent with its customers is to set up offices with ecological furniture. It’s not a question of trends, nor a superficial feature: chairs, desks, shelves, armchairs and dressers are a business card for those who pass through your office. Furnishing your workspace with sustainable solutions is a responsible choice and at the same time it’s a powerful means of communication to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Nardi has developed a large catalog of eco-sustainable office furniture, made of recyclable materials such as cardboard, glass or cork. Rely on the experience of our staff to understand how to revolutionize your office in a “green” key.

Otro, scrivania in cartone e vetro

Discover the ecological furnishing solutions for the office

Desk chairs, study armchairs and other ecological seats that combine comfort and design. All with an extraordinary range.

The desk is the beating heart of an office and if it’s made with sustainable materials it will give a “green” boost to your work

Reception desks and counters are the entrance door to your studio or office. Impress customers immediately with a cardboard solution

Everything you could want for an ecological but also functional office: cabinets, baskets and various recyclable furnishing accessories

360 ° assistance and services

Do not hesitate to contact us to specify your needs and expectations. Our expert team will analyze your requests and will assist you throughout the design phase to ensure that the proposed furnishing solution fully satisfies your needs. We have a large catalog of cardboard furniture and, if necessary, we also develop “tailor-made” furniture to meet the specificities of the spaces and concepts requested by customers. Cardboard is not only ecological and recyclable, but it’s also incredibly malleable and allows infinite solutions. For this reason we invite you to contact us and together we’ll find a solution that suits you, quote and advice are free.

Catalogo degli arredi ufficio in cartone

Ecological office furniture catalog

Download our catalog now and discover hundreds of cardboard furniture solutions designed for offices that want to communicate sustainability, without sacrificing comfort and innovation.

Eco-friendly offices

Here are some examples of offices furnished with our cardboard furniture: many important companies have turned to us to give a touch of sustainability to their workspaces. Peek through the photos and find inspiration to create your “green” office!

Companies with sustainable offices

Some of the most important brands that have turned to Nardi to convert their offices in an ecological key

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