Huddle Rooms: how to set them up in a simple and effective way

We hear more and more about Huddle rooms, but what exactly does this term mean and why is it such a growing trend?

And above all, how it is possible to set up huddle rooms that are functional and aesthetically pleasing … even with the help of cardboard furniture!

Let’s start with a brief explanation: Huddle Rooms, also known as huddle spaces, are special office rooms designed to encourage team collaboration and productivity, also thanks to typical remote working technologies. In other words, they are nothing more than rooms redesigned to accommodate half a dozen employees and equipped with all the comforts and technologies that can allow video conferences, or web meetings.

It is easy to understand how the growing success of such a solution has been driven by the new needs after the covid-19 pandemic: now more than ever the need to organize meetings with customers and collaborators via video connections and conference calls is pressing. Precisely for this reason, many companies have converted unused (or little exploited) office premises by setting up modern huddle rooms. In spite of what one might believe it’s not difficult to create these work areas and not even to make them pleasant places and oriented towards collaboration and smart-working.

Every “empty” office space can be rethought and reconverted and more and more often the smart agility of a huddle space is preferred to the classic large meeting room. The name of this new trend derives from a term typical of sport, namely “huddle-up”: in football or rugby this expression is used when a team is arranged in a circle to find a moment of confrontation, to explain and plan effective strategies to win a game. The beauty of huddle rooms lies precisely in this aspect: they are places conceived for the collaboration of small groups, without too many frills and with all the most modern features and technologies. A way to facilitate meetings and video calls between colleagues and customers, all with a view to maximum collaboration and productivity. The goal is to encourage the exchange of ideas without creating confusion and by channeling these activities to specific points in the office: all to have an orderly and stimulating work environment.

Step back to the main question: how to set up Huddle rooms? And why furnish this area of the office with cardboard furniture?

Once the room to be converted into a huddle space has been identified, all that remains is to plan the spaces: Nardi offers a wide range of cardboard furnishing solutions for the office, perfect for rethinking any open-space or room: thanks to desks, bookcases, shelves , counters, tables and seats in cardboard, with an innovative design and 100% recyclable, creating a huddle room will be child’s play. A unique opportunity to create an environment that is both stimulating and captivating and also a great way to communicate your sensitivity towards sustainability. Without detracting from comfort and functionality.

In addition to the furniture, it will be necessary to set up the room with all the typical technologies of these smart spaces. Therefore, they cannot miss:

  • a super-fast wireless connection (everyone knows how frustrating a pixelated connection is);
  • webcam / video cameras for video calls (possibly with excellent definition and wide-angle field of view so you won’t lose sight of any participants in the meeting);
  • speakerphone or bluetooth speakers (conversations must be clear for everyone in the room);
  • monitor / display for sharing content, or for remote video conferencing with colleagues from other offices or customers.

For those wishing to furnish the office with cardboard furniture, creating innovative huddle rooms, we refer to the page of our catalogs where you can find all the products to set up a beautiful, ecological and smart work area!

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