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Cardboard Furniture

Nardi creates 100% recyclable and ecological cardboard furniture, designed to create unique and innovative DESIGN solutions. Aesthetics merge with the need to re-think each product taking into account its environmental impact.
In other words, Nardi is creativity and sustainability, 100% made in Italy.

We shape wishes 

Nardi Cardboard Furniture creates solutions that respect the environment and people’s health. The techniques and materials used are mixed together, creating design products that are functional and long lasting

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We shape wishes 

Our company creates solutions that respect the environment and people’s health. The techniques and materials used are mixed together, creating design products that are functional and long lasting

Our strengths


Cardboard is a green material because it’s solely composed of cellulose and natural starches from corn, potatoes, peas etc. It’s also ecological since it’s made of recycled material and it’s 100% recyclable.

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Furniture that express an innovative, ecological design. Even if cardboard gives you an idea of fragility, our cardboard furniture is resistant and durable even with an intense use.

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Tailor-made solutions that enhance creativity both in shape and in finishing touches. They are also customizable with digital prints, where you can create the look with colours, logos and images that you like most.

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About Us 

We are a group of young architects and designers with new, creative ideas but above all with the desire to give solutions that respect nature. Ecological materials are therefore the starting point of our work for the creation of green furniture.

We will help you...

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...from design...

Communicating in order to understand everyone’s needs and find the best solution together is the starting point of our work. Rather than merely work, ours is a research for a collaboration that meets everyone’s needs.

...to installation

Our production site is where ideas take shape, where almost all the processes are performed; thus allowing us to fully master the quality methods and construction times.

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We'll design for you

Events & stands

Is there a better opportunity to express your corporate character? Our cardboard exhibition stands are light, quick to assemble, simple to customize, but above all with a strong visual impact.

Vending & OCS furniture

We create break room furniture and vending machines wraps, totally customized and with a strong visual impact. Simple, effective and ecological solutions that will make your office coffee service a pleasant and healthy place, where you can spend your break in total relax.

Cardboard Home Staging

The system that revolutionizes the way you showcase a property. Simple, fast, cheap and of great visual effect: these are the qualities featured by this solution. These are products that can be used multiple times and stored in a limited space.

Shopfitting solutions

Shop design with cardboard is an effective solution that allows us to be extremely flexible in creating the display that best suits every kind of product. With our on-cardboard prints, you can customize your room with colours, logos, images and create the right harmony with the products on sale. Our creativity is at your service to create innovative, ecological and visually striking commercial spaces.

Customized displays

We give life to displays with innovative solutions that differ from traditional ones. A display must help communicating what the product has to say: particularity, quality, ecological / organic, innovation etc. We offer you creativity and personalization that, mixed with the printing techniques, will satisfy even the most particular requests.

Our Warranties

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Responsible production

Our cardboard only comes from sustainable and respectful deforestation. The FSC mark guarantees a correct use, always respecting Nature.

Trust us
Money Back Guarantee

You can trust us! We’re 100% sure you will enjoy our products, so we offer our customers a money-back guarantee on all purchase. We care about you, we want you to be fully satisfied and we believe you’ll appreciate our team professionality, our customized support and the top quality of our products.

They chose us

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About us

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