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Innovative and sustainable solutions

We are specialized in offering highly ecological solutions for the furnishing of sustainable events. We are proud to create innovative solutions with a low impact on the environment using an ecological material, such as cardboard, with our  deep knowledge and experience in the industry. Materials and processes are 100% made in Italy.


Why us

Design and personalization

We believe that in an exhibition it’s crucial to attract, to be showy, and to be visible; we deliver this features creating captivating and innovative designs, totally made of cardboard. On top of perimetral walls, dividing walls, utility rooms and exhibitions, using cardboard we are able to create extravagant items, eye-catching ideas with a limited cost. Everything can be customized with colours, logos, images ecc. thanks to directly-on-cardboard prints.

Light - Quick - Simple

These are 3 valid qualities for choosing a cardboard exhibition stand. Reduced mounting times, light unvoluminous transports, and simplicity in construction that most of the times allows us to carry out the job by ourselves. With a cardboard exhibition stand, on top of being extremely creative, you’ll be able to save up to 80% of the installation time.

Sustainable and Reusable

To choose cardboard for your exhibition stand is most importantly an ethical and ecological choice. Both the stand’s structure and furniture can be dismantled and stored in a very limited space, in order to be reused as many times as needed. Also, all the elements are made of 100% natural, recycled and recyclable materials, allowing a quick disposal when not needed anymore.

From project...

We support our customers in order to design the exhibition space at best, with a particular attention towards displaying and visual needs. We manage at best our clients’ communication with high resolution printed graphics.


...to production

We offer a ready to use service, taking care of the stand from mounting to dismounting, with a storing option available if needed, and the possibility to reuse it, applying repairs where needed. All this contributes to an important lowering of the price.

Let yourself be inspired

Find out some of our solutions and allow yourself to be inspired from our creations with this simple and natural material.


Standard exhibition stand solutions 

Download our events catalogue and learn more about our ready-to-use solutions. Contact us and we will develop your project.

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