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Covid-19 emergency made clear how important it is to re-think the environments in which we live, whether it be at work or in our everyday life, putting together the importance of social distancing with our need to socialize.
We designed a new line of items made out of sustainable materials, RECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE, merging a captivating, eye-catching design with a low environmental impact. 
According to a study of “The New England Journal of Medicine” (NEJM), paper and cardboard show a Coronavirus’ decaying time on cardboard surfaces of 24hr. This crucial feature, and our products simplicity (our solutions don’t need trained staff to be installed and are self-supporting) and versatility (all of the products are modular), make our solutions the best choice for who is interested in an ecological and aesthetically captivating (wide choice of personalization), yet economically contained investment.

Ecological materials

The products designed from our team require light materials that can also be easily stored, thanks to their compactness. At the moment of disposal, every material can be separated and recycled.

Corrugated cardboard

Simple corrugated cardboard, used for all of our solutions. Available in WHITE or AVANA, is shaped to create durable, but still light and easy to handle, items.



In order to guarantee total stability, some of our solutions require metal feet. These too are 100% recyclable.

foglio trasparente

P.E.T. panels

PET transparent panels allow the creation of dividing walls that don’t cut on the environment’s brightness and allow socialization. A 100% recyclable material.

Ready to use solutions

Alcune soluzioni pronte all'uso 

Download our catalogue and find out about our ready to use solutions. Contact us for more informations.

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