Your satisfaction is our goal.



To avoid disappointment it is always good to confirm the order by returning our countersigned offer.


Ask us for a quote directly on our website, or contact us by mail or phone, we will send you the complete offer.


The payment can be made by bank transfer to our iban address. If you want to use different methods of payment (bank draft, etc) just let us know.



remember to specify the shipping address if different from the header company. Orders can be picked up directly at our production plant.
There are different shipping options, according to the items purchased and the delivery address: delivery by courier, not express delivery, direct delivery by our carrier. We help you in finding the best solution for your needs.


Customers can set  furniture up as they are designed to be easily assembled, using the assembly kit and instructions.
On request we will provide a furniture assembly service at a fixed price quote based upon the time required to assemble the item(s).



If your intention is to furnish a room, confide in us. Send us the map with the size of the place and all the details, the  type of product or service you want to purchase, your budget, etc. We will give you the solution that best meets your furnishing features.


We do not have a standard solution for every need. In that case, contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.


Each product can be customized with colors, logos, lettering and images.

First solution: Once chose the products to be customized and the area where make them, we will send to you or your advertising agency the pictures of the pieces to be customized.

Send  the whole thing back for us to print.

Second solution: Send us the pictures, logos, writing and we will do the setting. Once confirmed all we will continue with the print.

Third solution: Have you already identified among our articles what to print? Or do you want us to chose it for you? We will send you a draft that once confirmed, will be printed.

Do you need additional informations?


Frequently Asked Questions