Handsome products and with many benefits to be seized!


Our solutions have an original design, beautiful appearance, without disregarding their functional features. Simple and ergonomic lines, rational volumes and easy to assembly, connote a strongly distinctive design, with finishes that highlight the construction technique. The design matchs with interlocking techniques which also make the products assembled/disassemble without tools.


Furniture is made with triple wave cardboard of high quality, virgin fibre, 1.4 cm trick which gives optimum strength and stability.
Light but strong: the chairs (among the products most susceptible to loads and wear) can support up to 200 kg.
Libraries, support weights up to 20 kg per shelf, desks and tables also support weights above 100 kg.


We use a naval type cardboard, very resistant to moisture. Dipped in water the material does not flake, it remains compact. It regains the stability once dried up.


Customization is the main quality of our solutions. It is possible to personalize size as well as carvings and prints, make them directly on the cardboard. The graphics will be based on your requirements. They are eco- friendly because they are made from environmentally-friendly materials.


The products are delivered in a kit among with an assembly instruction set. No tools are required because everything is simply assembled trough joints. The shipment in kit allows a good save on transport costs and a fast shipping via express-post parcels. If you have any queries, we will be available to provide technical assistance.